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Eileen Olivier Bio

Why I’m running for Trustee for the Village of Maywood

Eileen Olivier Illinois Licensed Realtor

21-year Switching Technician with AT&T  IBEW, CWA

Working on Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

I care about how taxpayer money is spent. I will continue to push for balance and efficiency in our government process, in our spending and saving, to ultimately keep property taxes low. With that belief, we have to stress smart growth, rebuild integrity, and follow better government standards. Draw in new business and retain our existing business to increase our tax base. Work to find funding sources and review our options for the village road and alley improvements by bringing in a grant writer looking for funding through bonds and any other available sources. Advocate for visible police patrols. Partner with our Park District and Schools. Keep young families interested in moving to our village while respecting and caring for our seniors that provided such a strong foundational footprint and made this village the reason we all wanted to live here long ago. We want to build on that experience as we encourage all to Think Maywood.

I will continue to work hard to improve our community, through involvement in local government, nonprofits, and small businesses. As a wife and mother and a longtime Maywood resident, I understand the priorities of our neighborhoods. It is important to me that our village gives everyone the opportunity to live in a safe, thriving community. As a village trustee, I will use my experience in real estate and community service to shape a better future for us. I have two young children, and I want to play an active role in shaping their community while modeling the importance of being involved. I believe I can positively change the community where I work, live, and raise my children

The challenges Maywood faces are continued economic development, public safety, responsible use of our tax dollars, and how we grow together. These are the issues I can contribute to finding solutions to. I would like to see viable economic growth, more single-family homes, and additional mid and small-sized businesses such as restaurants and retail added to our tax rolls. While economic development is important government’s first priority must be to the people and businesses that make up the community.

I have been a member of the District 89 Parent Advisory Council, Past PTO founder, President and Vice President Washington School, and Mentor for A Better Tomorrow Youth Employment Facility. I have experience as a community leader with training from PASO and ENLACE and strive to bring the community together to address issues rather than alienate people. I believe that in order for our community to continue to progress, we need to bring everyone to the table, to ensure that everyone has a say.

Community involvement is something I value deeply, and I want to continue to play a role in strengthening our neighborhoods.

I have experience in negotiating and writing contracts. In my current position, I have to work with homebuyers and developers to ensure their vision is carried out. I work in the best interest of the customer. It is my job to see their vision and make it a reality, at times it’s difficult, but I enjoy the challenges.

The first thing is we need accountability and performance monitoring for all positions within the Village. How can you judge how well you’re doing at a job if there isn’t a firm measurable performance plan in place. There needs to be an emergency management number available to all residents as a single point of contact to report infrastructure issues with feedback and progress reports returned in a timely manner if not that department that failed will have to account for the issue. I would like to engage the community and gather complaints and prioritize these items as we seek to address them. I would like to see the board use this information to establish service priorities that would guide budget deliberations. When seeking input from residents, we need to provide enough information so they fully understand the financial and service level impacts that coincide with the options that are to be considered. Then get to work finding the money and bringing in economic development, getting properties back on the tax rolls, working with developers, revitalizing our downtown district, bringing in the Artist community, working with our park districts. Provide more activities and opportunities for our youth and our seniors. Working with current community groups to ensure we are all on one accord. These things solidify a community. We are ready to Rebuild Maywood stronger than ever.

Having lived here for 20 years, I am invested in Maywood. My husband and I suffered a devastating loss of our home in 2005 we wanted to be a beacon for our block with encouragement from our neighbors Mrs. Fox, Mr. Saunders, Mrs. Shirley Higgins, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Bounds, Mr. Grace we decided to stay so we reinvested and decided to double down on our community, we stuck with Maywood and will continue to do so. My children are growing up here and I am actively involved in our community and schools. My husband is a Commissioner with the Maywood Historic Preservation Committee. We love MAYWOOD.

I care about our public safety and service departments. I want to make sure as Maywood continues to grow, and that we are adequately prepared for that growth. I want everyone to love our town, and I’m committed to investing in those areas that help move Maywood forward for generations to come.

Isiah Brandon's Bio

Since he was a teen, Isiah Brandon — youth activist, community organizer and Maywood trustee — has been fighting for jobs, recreational activities, businesses and quality of life opportunities for all residents of the village.

Trustee Brandon was born in Chicago and raised in Maywood. He is a proud graduate of Washington Elementary School, Proviso East High School and Triton College. He plans to attend Northeastern University to finish his degree in public administration.

Brandon has helped combat the violence in Proviso Township through a variety of measures, such as hosting a “Cry to Save Our Youth” — a campaign to advocate for violent-free communities. He has also worked with business,organizations, park districts and faith-based initiatives.

Brandon has received many awards and recognitions by local media, including as “Someone You Should Know” and “Talk of the Town.” Brandon is also the 2010 Dr. King Dream keynote speaker and award-winning recipient.

Brandon is the executive director of Youth on the Move, an 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that provides educational and recreational enrichment programs and outreach initiatives for youth in Proviso Township and across Chicago.

For almost two years, he served as a student trustee at Triton College District 504 and chairman of the Illinois Community College Board Student Advisory Committee.

He is a past member of the Youth Advisory Committee and the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority. He has also served as co-chair of the Maywood-Bellwood Relay for Life.

Brandon has chaired the “meeting of the minds” group that consists of park districts from across Proviso Township, Triton College, University of Illinois Extension and the Office of Proviso Township. Isiah is also a current member of Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization.

Trustee Brandon brings the experience and knowledge necessary to help the village be the shining light that everyone can see.

Organizations and affiliations,

CityPoint Community Church in Chicago,

Member Youth on the Move,

Executive director Maywood-Proviso Rotary,

Service Project Chair National Black Caucus of Local Elected officials,

Member Illinois community college Board-SAC,

Former chairman Neighbors of Maywood Community Organization,

Former secretary Triton College District 504,

Two-term student trustee West Suburban NAACP,

Former vice-president Maywood Health Initiative,

Past member Proviso Action Coalition,

Past member CanaanAME food pantry.

Asia Ousley Bio

Asia Ousley is a passionate, results-driven, servant leader from Maywood who has dedicated her life to being a resource in her community, lifting as she climbs! She has an unwavering love for youth development, advocacy and relationship building.

Asia and her family moved to Maywood in 1995 and graduated from Emerson Elementary in 2000. In the summer of 2002, Asia served as a summer youth worker for the Village of Maywood in the Village Manager’s Office under Lawanda Meadows. Following that summer, Asia continued on as a part time office assistant in the Village Manager’s Office through summer 2005. During her tenure, Asia supervised the summer youth program and also worked in the Village Clerk’s Office. After graduating Proviso East in 2004, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Illinois State University, and a Master of Nonprofit Management from DePaul University and is a certified grant writer.

Asia most recently served as Associate Director of Operations for Junior Achievement of Chicago managing team operations in suburban and southern cook county. In the Maywood-Proviso community, Asia created and executed financial literacy, entrepreneurship and career readiness events with school districts 88, 89, 92, and 209 partnering with Bellwood Chamber of Commerce, CareerBuilder, Inland Bank, Triton College and Proviso Community Bank – impacting thousands of middle school and high school students towards greater success.

Asia has facilitated programs to more than 250 individual classrooms, directly engaging more than 5,800 students during her JA tenure. She also manages a basketball league in Maywood which hosts yearlong youth and men basketball tournaments for over 500 participants, skill & drills workshops and community events that promote health, fitness, sports training, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Through her continued work with the Maywood-Proviso Rotary Club, Danka Basketball League, Cook County Elections and countless service projects – Asia is committed to developing excellence in her community and aspires to become a transformative change agent through student, community and economic development.

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