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Village People: Princess Lang, 16, Is A Triple Threat Maywoodian

Princess Isis Z. Lang’s parents, Terrence and Kisha Lang, must have known what they were doing when they named her, says the 16-year-old.

“I think I was supposed to be a Princess,” the teenager, who attends The Chicago Academy for the Arts, said during an interview she gave that was posted to The Academy’s website. The school is one of the most prestigious performing arts high schools in the Chicago area.

“I feel like my parents knew what I wanted to do at a young age, and they just supported me throughout everything,” she said.


Princess with her parents, Kisha and Terrence Lang. | The Chicago Academy for the Arts 

The Maywood teenager — who sings, acts and dances — recently sat for a phone interview with Village Free Press, a week after debuting the role of Jackie in “Carolina, or Change,” a production by Timeline Theater and Firebrand Theatre. Princess said that the show has the option of running until Nov. 11, pending an extension, at the Den Theatre, 1331 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago.

How did the opening of “Carolina, or Change” go?

It was such a success. We really enjoyed it and feel like the audience enjoyed it. It’s my fourth professional show.

Where’d you get the inspiration to be a performer?

I watched the movie “Dreamgirls” and Deena Jones, Beyonce’s character, really influenced me. I said, ‘This is what I’m going to do with myself.’

How was it growing up in Maywood and wanting to be a performer?

I was part of Maywood Fine Arts. I feel like it gives you a head start on what you want to do with your future and an idea of what that would hold, because they give chances to audition for different gigs.

Did you have to audition to get into The Academy?

Yes. They have you audition for dancing, singing and acting in order to get into the musical theater department. I was really nervous. I just took a deep breath. I knew I could do it.

What school did you attend before transferring to The Academy?

I attended Providence St. Mel from second to eighth grade.

What do you see yourself doing after college?

I want to be able to do Broadway, be in movies and make an album if I want to. I want to do all of the above!

What’s your approach to preparing for a role?

I make sure that I read through the play or musical I’m in to get a feel of what the show is. I try to stay away from going to other productions of that musical, because I want to be my own character, so I’m not taking other people’s stuff. I want to search what I want to do with the character and try different things to see what feels best to me.

What would you tell a young kid who wants to perform at some of the highest levels that you’re currently performing at?

Never give up on your dreams, even if you feel like it’s too hard of a goal to reach. Whatever you do, keep working on it and don’t let anyone discourage you from your realizing your dream. VFP

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misspelled Terrence Lang’s name. Village Free Press regrets the error. 

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